Bucksnort Saloon
Walk through the swinging doors and travel back into
the 1880's. The Bucksnort Saloon is an attraction like
none other. A living history cowboy museum for the
whole family. Step up to the bar and order a
sarsaparilla or one of many old time non-alcohol drinks.
Yes, this is a non-alcohol saloon. Possibly the only one
in the world. On Saturdays and Sundays you can play
Faro. Faro was the most popular card game in the
west before 1900. This game was played byDoc
Holliday and his friend Wyatt Earp as well as many
other card sharps.
Everything in the Bucksnort Saloon is of the 1880 to
1900 time period determined by archival research and
photographs of the time period.
Bring the whole family and see what fun living history
can be. If you already are a old west cowboy, dress
out and mosey on in. Check your guns at the bar and
talk to the bartender about a haircut in the 1890 barber
chair or a Clean Water bath and shave in the back.
Soiled Doves are up-stairs. The outhouse is outside
the back door.
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Open every Saturday
10:00am till 5:00pm.
And Sunday 12:00pm
till 5:00pm.
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Event in Mexico Mo. in Septtember
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